Travels of One M/Sergeant Roy Sper

It’s coincidental that I finished scanning my dad’s photos and papers from WWII a few days before the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the official surrender of Nazi Germany to Allied forces, but the timing was perfect. The originals will be going to the the Air Mobility Command Museum.

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Relizane, Algeria, March, 1943
1st CG 4A Glider, Relizane, Algeria, 1943
Licata, Sicily, Italy, September, 1943
Licata, Sicily, Italy, September, 1943
“Patton and Sonken, The Glider Guyder”
Licata, Sicily, Italy, October, 1943
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Castelvetrano, Sicily, Italy, December, 1943
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, February, 1944
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, February, 1944
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, February, 1944
Eastcote Mansion, England, 1944
Ipswich, England, 1944
Normandy, France, June 7, 1944
(the day after the landings)
Holland, 1944
My dad designed the Airborne Troop Carrier patch!

In case it doesn’t look like he had any fun, my dad managed to get leave on his 27th birthday to go to Egypt.

He also got in a few good meals…

And some culture…

And, last but not least, this what my dad did during WWII…